Gulf Keystone Petroleum (UK) Ltd.

Gulf Keystone Petroleum has worked closely with the BHICS team on the Shaikan and Sheikh Adi fields in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. Their carbonate sedimentology and fracture logging in cores have been invaluable during our appraisal and early field development, with the findings integrated into field-wide depositional models and continuing work on diagenesis and reservoir quality. Their reporting has been impressive, concise, within agreed timescales and most importantly fit for purpose.


We jointly presented a poster with BHICS at the Zagros Exploration Conference hosted by the Geological Society of London in 2013 and the fantastic delegate response is testament to their fine work.

Tullow Oil Plc.

Prolog have provided us with consistent analysis and interpretations that now form part of a sub-regional Ghanaian sedimentary framework. We work with Marguerite to integrate core observations with RCA and image log data. Prolog provide a quick turnaround of excellent quality descriptions, digital copies and clear reports. Marguerite leads detailed and informative core walkthroughs that are well received by our own multi-disciplinary teams and non-operating partners.

Dove Energy

Dove Energy has worked with Wildcat Geoscience on a number of projects, both in Yemen Block 53 and El Fahs, Tunisia. Wildcat have provided excellent quick turnaround reporting on detailed petrographic analysis of sediment samples collected from electric submersible pumps. Operationally this has been critical for determining cause of failure as soon as possible and determining the source. In Tunisia, Wildcat provided detailed structural analysis on fractures, faults and stress regimes on an exploration well that contributed to decision-making on the next phase of field development. Wildcat consistently provide a very high standard of work in a timely and well-presented manner.

Preliminary characterisation of the Butmah Formation in the Shaikan Field, Kurdistan

To date, the Lower Jurassic Butmah Formation (also known as the Sarki Formation) has not widely been regarded as a productive target for hydrocarbon exploration in Kurdistan.  However, detailed sedimentological and structural evaluation of core acquired from four wells in the Shaikan and Sheikh Adi  Fields, together with test data has yielded promising results.  These studies have determined that fracture style, intensity and fill vary according to lithology. Lithology types penetrated in core include a range of dolomitic facies intercalated with anhydrite and limestones.

The mid-upper section of the Butmah Formation is characterised by lithologies and textures indicative of shallow tidal / algal flat deposits whereas deposition in a shallow, locally agitated, shelfal or lagoonal setting is inferred for the uppermost section.  The succession demonstrates an overall upwards deepening or transgression. This study presents the results generated from core logging and petrographic analysis and attempts to characterise the formation in terms of depositional facies and broad sedimentary trends.

Enquest UK

Wildcat provided us with a high quality technical service for azimuthal density image processing and interpretation for back to back development wells. The work was tailored to our requirements and delivered in a timely manner. Wildcat staff were proactive in engaging with us and understanding our requirements for quick turnaround work with specific deliverables. I would definitely recommend them to provide an efficient and competent service.

Merlin Energy

Prolog Geoscience provided us with a high quality service with very quick turnaround times. Excellent communication was maintained with various team members throughout the project ensuring a fully integrated final product with data displayed in a concise and most importantly, understandable format. Their highly experienced and specialised knowledge has lead to an enhanced understanding of our data set.